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SIKU in the Aymara language, is an Andean aerophone instrument, which has its origins in pre-Inca cultures, and “Siku or Antara” in the Quechua language, which for Western culture could be called “Pan Flute or Zampoña”

The SIKU family is wide and with variations in its structural composition, sound and performance, especially in the different rural regions of Bolivia. Among these variants of “Sikus” we have for example: the Khantus, Italaquis, Suri Sikus, Jula-Julas, Ayarachis, Laquitas, Mimulas, Jacha Sikus, Tabla Sikus, to name just a few.

Today this wonderful instrument is widely spread by virtuous Andean musicians and fans of Andean music in the five continents.



The Pan Flute is one of the oldest instruments in the world. Prehistoric hunters already made them from hollow bones. Later they began to make with bamboo, sugar cane, wood, without a doubt their magical sound of this instrument is sweet and romantic. It is called a pan flute by the god Pan in Greek mythology.






La Quena is a wind musical instrument, originally from the Andean region. Constructed of Bamboo, clay, wood or bone. It is said to be the oldest wind instrument, today it is performed by musicians worldwide.


The charango is a string instrument used in the central region of the Andes Mountains, originating in the Bolivian altiplano, in the north of the department of Potosí. The Charango has five pairs of double strings.


Las Chajchas are a percussion instrument widely used in Andean folklore.