About me

My name is Braulio Mamani, I was born on May 20, 1968 in La Paz, Bolivia. At the age of 15, I received my first teachings about the Zampoña from the hands of Master Fernando Jimenez, (Bolivian golden Zampoña) who introduced me to the passion for this art.

The summary of my career as a musical artist is reflected in my roots and cultural values ​​of my people.

I have developed a creative career that has allowed me to transcend beyond the borders of my country such as: Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Argentina, Japan, Canada, finally make a transatlantic trip to reach the old continent Finland 1993, Sweden, Denmark , Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Estonia. Latvia, Lithuania, UK etc. Always spreading my Bolivian music, Andean music, participating in different cultural events, festivals. On this musical journey I have also met other cultures, customs, new people, and the many friends that I met along this journey, I always remember them with affection. However, I never forget my country of origin, Bolivia.