About me

Braulio Mamani

My name is Braulio Mamani. I’m an artist – a musician, who has spent many years cultivating rich musical traditions of his homeland – Bolivia. The love for music has accompanied me since my adolescence and is inseparably connected to my love for Bolivia, the fascination with its history and culture. Music, which soon became an integral part of my life, also allowed me to cross the borders of my country, explore the world, see other cultures, meet new people… However, I have never forgotten my country of origin, Bolivia.

I was born on the 20 may, 1968 in Tolavillque in the province G. Villarroel (La Paz-Bolivia). The first person to teach me how to play Zampona was master Fernando Jimenez (Golden Zampona of Bolivia). He awakened the passion for traditional music in me by giving me a set of handmade Zamponas (Sikus), wrapped in a local newspaper, as a present for my 16th birthday.

That moment appeared to be a breakthrough in my life. Since then, panflute music became my spiritual nourishment and, as it soon turned out, it opened many doors for me.

In 1988 I took part in the XIII Lauro Song Festival In Cochabamba. Soon after that, the ability to play the Zamponas made it possible for me to visit other countries: Chile, Japan, Brazil, Argntina, Paraguay, Canada. Finally I crossed the ocean and reached the Old Continent, where I visited Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Norway, The Czech Republic, Ukraine and more. I took part in a whole range of music projects and festivals. In 1994 I was invited by a film agency to come to Poland and act in the movie Awantura o Basie. It was supposed to be just an adventure, however today, after almost 20 years i’m still here, in Poland.

Poland has become my second homeland. It is where my band ‘El Sikuri’ was formed, and where i recorded the majority of my songs, as a soloist as well as together with accompanying musicians. The music i recorded represents a wide range of styles including Latin American music, Andean music, meditation music, Native Americans’ music, popular and romantic panflute melodies.

Such a diverse repertoire enables me to appeal to different audiences. You can discover this diversity by browsing through my discography.

Currently i’m working on various art projects, not necessarily music related (e.g. movies, commercials). I still travel a lot. These days my frequent destinations are Scandinavia, The Baltic countries and Great Britain, where I propagate Bolivian culture and the magic sound of our national instrument, Zampona. At the same time i seek to share with my listeners my passion and love for music.

My stage name El Sikuri is related to my involvement in spreading the Siku music all over the world.